5 Festivals That Celebrate The Weird

We had a chance to talk about Spring Festivals last week but there are thousands of other festivals we didn’t get to mention. While doing research, we found some really unique events that were too weird/bizarre/curious/fun that it felt like a shame not to include them. If a lovely Spring festival is a little too tame for your taste, here are some bizarre festivals that might satisfy your need for the strange and unusual.


photo by Barbara Lawlor

photo by Barbara Lawlor

Frozen Dead Guy Days - Nederlander, CO

Maybe it’s the thin, Rocky Mountain air, but whatever it is, the residents of Nederlander, CO put on one of the most bizarre festivals every March. Salmon tosses, coffin races, and turkey bowling are just a few of the festivities. Between twisted events there’s food, live music, and macabre delights at every turn.


Elvis Week

Are thousands of Elvises too many Elvises? If you’re a fan of Graceland’s Elvis Week - then there’s no such thing as “too many”. This 10-day event that celebrates “The King” attracts thousands of Elvis impersonators and casual fans alike, with live performances, dances, discussions and, of course, no shortage of peanut butter and banana sandwiches, thankyouverymuch.


Jesse Skoubo/Corvallis Gazette-Times

Jesse Skoubo/Corvallis Gazette-Times

DaVinci Days Festival - Kinetic Sculpture Races

This festival in Corvallis, Oregon combines art and engineering in a way that would make Leonardo DaVinci proud. One of the highlights of this three-day July event are the Kinetic Sculpture Races which is just as cool and terrifying as it sounds. Teams create elaborate human-powered vehicles that resemble everything from medieval mountain bikes to mythical dragons. Spectator costumes highly encouraged.


International Tuba Day

It’s hard being a Tuba in a woodwind world. Tuba players unite in Millersville, Pennsylvania every May in an event that’s part festival/part support group for thankless brass blowers everywhere. There’s great tuba music all around and the event is free - because tubas need love too, guys.


Spam Jam

Spam: the world’s favorite mystery meat. There’s no better place to celebrate the famous foodstuff than Waikiki, Hawaii - a well-known lover and consumer of the canned meat product (Hawaiians consume over 7 million cans a year - more than anywhere else in the world). Over 25,000 people come to the event every year and there’s no shortage of festivities, live music, and yes, Spam.

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