It's About Time

It's ABout Time Salmon

Between 1519 and 1522 Ferdinand Magellan and his crew circumnavigated the entire globe for the first time using--among other things--maps of the known world. These maps were flat surfaces with information on them.

Flash forward 600 years--and about a zillion technological innovations later--and incredibly we're all still using practically the same technology to navigate our trip from our house to the store. Despite lots of cool stuff like GPS navigation and Google Street View, digital maps are still just basically flat surfaces with information on them.

Where's the innovation in that?

With all the amazing tools at our disposal isn't it time that digital maps start to

Walkabout is the first great leap forward for digital mapping. By introducing the element of time to the mapping process, Walkabout maps use the digital realm in a way that is truly original. You're no longer stuck just mapping where things are, but you can use Walkabout to map when things are too.

Whether your planning a bar crawl, a street festival, or trade show, Walkabout's unique time slider allows your guests to see every event and every place in one easy-to-use mobile application.

After 600 years, isn't it about time for maps to walk out of the Middle Ages? We think so too.