Let's Take Some Stock

It's been a little over 9 weeks since we soft launched Walkabout 1.0 in mid-February, and with so many awesome things happening in the last 9 weeks it seems like a great time to take a moment and take stock of our favorite moments of 2015 so far.


This One Time at OneSpark
If our Twitter and Instagram accounts were any indication we had a heck of good time in Jacksonville, FL at the OneSpark conference. Among some of the highlights: getting some drinks on the beach at the Lemon Bar, spending hours on hand blowing up hundreds of balloons, hearing Fort Stories play at  least 4 times, and hanging all week with Sweet Kitty. Shameless Plug: we're still running the crowdfunding campaign for OneSpark until May 7, so head on over to the site and contribute!


Walkabouting Out of State
With Nashville Opera, LexArts, National Banana Pudding Festival, and Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival, Walkabout has officially gone nationwide! We're so proud to have amazing new partners like these and to start to see more of the country.


200k and Counting...
With the West End Atlanta Streets Alive and Dogwood festivals in the books, Walkabout has been used at a bunch of festivals with a total attendance well north of 200,000 people. 200,000! And with even more festivals in the works, we're going to reach even more.


And We Have Lift Off!
On April 16th we officially launched Walkabout 1.0 at Foster ATL. It was an intimate affair, but it was a ton of fun to bring together the whole team and our current and future clients for drinking and general revelry. Thanks to Foster ATL and Freshtix for making it possible.

It has been a pretty crazy quarter of a year so far, and with fingers crossed we fully expect it get even crazier. Check out our new Calendar and Our Clients pages for more information on where we've been and we're we'll be.