One Spark Brings Crowdfunding to the Streets



In our 5 Spring Events blog here we had a chance to introduce you to One Spark, the first crowdfunding festival. It's like Kickstarter brought into the real world, where people with big ideas can raise money, eat food on sticks, listen to guest speakers, and innovate in their own backyard. The anonymity of the internet fundraising movement is beginning to swing in a different way. People want the human connection, to see a project come to life and to embrace a larger community.

One Spark's Jacksonville connection adds even more to the hometown feel of the event. Because this isn't some tech hub, it's where the founders of One Spark,  Elton Rivas, Dennis Eusebio, and Varick Rosete, grew up. It's creating a start up culture in your own neighborhood, creating opportunities where you live, and giving the crowdfunding community a place to gather.

And with us being upstarts ourselves, we'll be attendees at this year's event. Come see us at Barnett Bank. We're excited to be a part of the festivities and will have Walkabout & #dropyourpin swag. Maybe some games will be played. Either way - we plan on taking full advantage of the experience, raising some money in the process, and spreading the word of maps made easy.

The crowdfunding portion of the event will start on April 6th and we'll be keeping our campaign going until May 6th, so be sure to visit our crowdfunding site early and often. Here's a little taste of just a few of the cool things we'll be giving our supporters as part of this campaign: high fives, Twitter shout outs, swag bags, years of free Walkabout maps, and dropping a giant plastic pin with your name on it anywhere in the world. We're dead serious about that last one.

Christine Adams is a copywriter, honorary Atlanta native, lover of ugly animals, introvert dynamo, and Frito pie enthusiast. Her work can be found on the internets without much trouble.