Walkabout Goes to the Opera


Nashville is known as The Music City and is the proud capital of country music, major record labels, and several music-centered museums. But it's not just all Grand Ole Opry (though that's to be expected). There is a thriving arts and culture community - which is why we were thrilled to work with the Nashville Opera on creating a custom mobile app in time for their opening of the Gilbert & Sullivan classic The Pirates of Penzance.

The Nashville Opera understands that patrons want an engaging social experience, so we created an app that shows the area around the Tennessee Performing Arts Center with real-time information on how to buy tickets, places to dine, and areas to explore before and after the show. It's an easy to use interface that allows the Opera to provide meaningful information that patrons can use and get the most out of their experience.

We think that apps like this can be game changers for all sorts of venues, communities and arts organizations, and we're happy to break new ground with the Nashville Opera!

Wanna take a peek? Check out the custom app we created here and explore the opera in a whole new way! Buy tickets, find drinks at a cool bar before the show, or maybe catch dinner with friends. The opera's gone digital!

The Pirates of Penzance will be April 9th through 11th at TPAC. There are also many other exciting productions in the works like Turandot, Puccini's last (and arguably best) opera, and Hydrogen Jukebox - a masterpiece by Philip Glass that sets Allen Ginsberg's beat poetry to music.

Follow the Nashville Opera on Twitter and keep up with the arts in The Music City.


Christine Adams is a copywriter, honorary Atlanta native, lover of ugly animals, introvert dynamo, and Frito pie enthusiast. Her work can be found on the internets without much trouble.