The Long Tail

the long tail

One of the biggest problems for festivals and events is determining Return on Investment (ROI). Sponsors and advertisers have a difficult time determining the monetary value of participating in a given event, and vendors have very little to go on other than sales at the event (which are usually low). Consequently, event organizers have to spend a great deal of their time trying to attract vendors, sponsors, and advertisers using imprecise metrics like event size, length, and theme.

Reaching potential customers before, during and after an event is one of the reasons we built Walkabout. By giving attendees and potential customers a central portal to find vendors and sponsors, Walkabout gives events a "long tail," an impact that extends well beyond the relatively limited start and end time of the event.

Our CEO Tres Crow wrote about the "long tail" in a white paper, which you can download here. Be sure to join our mailing list to get more tips and information about event organizing and event planning.


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