5 Food and Wine Pairings That Were Made for Each Other

The thing that separates a good party from a great party is the details. Whether it’s a buttoned-up conference, a black tie wedding, or something more casual - everyone can appreciate a menu that plays so well together, you’d swear the elements were made for each other. If you want to wow your attendees, spare the light beer and bag of Doritos and get in touch with your inner sommelier. here are 5 food and wine pairings that are matches made in heaven. 

Riesling with Indian-Spiced Chickpeas

Everyone loves a sweet and salty combination, whether it’s salted caramel, kettle corn, or chocolate covered pretzels, this flavor power couple pretty much makes life worth living. The sweet, acidic finish of a Riesling pairs nicely with the salty, exotic chickpeas. 

Pinot Grigio with Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche

Pinot grigio, a white wine with a citrusy finish, is the fairy godmother of all light fish dishes. Whether it’s salmon, mahi, or this delicious shrimp and scallop ceviche recipe, the bright acidity of pinot grigio brings out the lemony, spicy notes like nothing else.

Pinot Noir with Grilled Mushroom and Truffle Flatbread

Truffles are little nuggets of pure, earthy goodness that are dug out of the hillsides in Italy with specially trained dogs. Really. A small shaving of truffle adds worldly panache to your menu and its distinctive, musky aroma is excellent with mushrooms. A spicy, smoky pinot noir can stand up to the truffle’s strong flavors with ease. It’s food seduction, if that were a thing.

Cabernet Sauvignon with Garlic Lamb Chops

Much love and respect to our vegetarian friends - but one of the great pleasures in life is a bold red wine and red meat. Maybe it’s a call to our primal nature. Or maybe it’s just plain delicious.  Rich red wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon, are high in tannins that give you the dry, puckering mouthfeel. This effect cleanses the palate with every bite, and rich chocolate, cherry notes work well with grilled meats

Champagne and Oysters

The subtle, dry sweetness of champagne and the fresh, briny finish of oysters will have your guests referring to you as “Fancy Pants” in no time. Congratulations, you just became a Rockefeller.

A clever wine and food pairing is a great way to take your gathering to the next level of awesome.  Keeping these tips in mind will have you catering rock star parties for years to come.