How Food Trucks Can Improve Your Event

visa Manahawkin Flea Market

visa Manahawkin Flea Market

Once I saw "Starting A Food Truck for Dummies" on a bookstore shelf, I knew there was something to the mobile food movement. In the past 10 years, food trucks have gone from late night bites to a nearly billion dollar industry - attracting established restaurateurs and passionate novices alike. It's cutting edge culinary stuff, with many city parks booming with mobile food on weekends or at special events. The growing popularity of food trucks and the sheer amount of variety they can offer means that this trend is a very good thing for event organizers.

So how can you take advantage of the food truck trend to heighten your event?

It's All About the Food

The thing that unites all events, whether it's a wedding, an outdoor festival, or a large scale corporate shindig, is that every successful event has good food. Events also share a sense of community, and food trucks embody both of these ideas perfectly. Because there are so many food trucks in major cities, offering that kind of variety can be a major benefit to your attendees. Regardless of food preferences - carnivore, vegan, paleo, fry fiend, health nut - chances are, there's a truck for that.

Built-in Marketing

Every food truck owner is an entrepreneur. Because of the amount of competition in the mobile food game, every truck relies on word of mouth, marketing, and social media to stand out. What makes this a big win for event organizers is that food truck owners will notify people of their location in real time - which can be a big marketing push. Food truck social media savvy will get the word out on your event - and fast.

Easy In - Easy Out

It's not unusual for food trucks to travel to multiple sites in a day, so the efficiency of the operation has an added benefit of less work for event organizers. There's no need for tents, tables, stations, or any other food needs. The food trucks bring everything, taking the hassle out of setup and cleanup.


Depending on your city, there can be some strict guidelines on food trucks and where they are allowed, so it's always encouraged to refer to local rules on the matter. But food trucks can be a very effective way to feed your event, as long as your city permits them.

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Christine Adams is a copywriter, honorary Atlanta native, lover of ugly animals, introvert dynamo, and Frito pie enthusiast. Her work can be found on the internets without much trouble.