The 5 People You Need for a Successful Event

Photo courtesy: Juwan Platt, via

Photo courtesy: Juwan Platt, via

Putting together a successful event is like raising a child--it takes a village. Developing a team with a wide variety of skills, specialties, and experiences is often the difference between “meh” and “man, that was awesome”. But, what makes a good team? Who do you need to pull together your All-Star event? To make your event really pop you need to have at least five types of people on your team: the connector, the creative, an organizer, an accountant, and the muscle. When working toward the same goal, these 5 personality types can make a world of difference.

The Connector
A vital--but sometimes overlooked--part of any successful event, The Connector is the person with a crazy amount of friends in high and low places. They’ll bring you speakers, discounted vegan snacks, and the limited-edition Van Halen 1984 “Jump” Tour t-shirt. The Connector knows everyone. They’re usually a socialite that mixes and mingles with the best, and if you can persuade this person to join your team, much of the heavy lifting is already done.

The Creative
Skilled in various mediums that will contribute to your brand, marketing strategy, and divergent thinking, The Creative takes your ideas to greatness. The Creative aids The Connector in selling the event to his network, and making your event beautiful. As we all know, beauty sells.

The Organizer
The brain, the organizational mastermind, the focused zen master, The Organizer is your go-to guy (or gal) for everything logistics for your event. They are meticulous and methodical in their processes. They’re a behind-the-scenes-getting-things-done with no hiccups kind of person. The Organizer is the one who thinks of everything (and puts it in a spreadsheet).

The Accountant
Money isn’t everything--but it sure helps. The Accountant handles this key element for your event by setting up budgets, writing checks, and looking at the best investments for the biggest payoff. They understand numbers like no one else, and they know how to execute without breaking the bank (or breaking a sweat!).

The Muscle
The Muscle gets it done. Period. They’re your manpower. They can assemble a crew, are willing to get dirty, and are the nuts and bolts key to activating your big ideas. Events are messy and require a lot of effort--you need this person. 

In order to have an A+ event, you need A+ players on your team. If you have these five elements and they're working together, your event will be one for the history books. In the words of the late Vince Lombardi, "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”