The Best Mobile App for Events Yet

new walkabout

All over the news you've probably heard that mobile app purchases have flat-lined in the the US. For event organizers and planners just now starting to look into designing their own app this news can be distressing. You know you need to bring your event into the digital age, and find a way to better understand your attendees, but with mobile app usage declining, how can you get your attendees engaged?

The key is to give your attendees what they want most in an easily-accessible format, and recent advancements in mobile technology make that possible.

Walkabout allows you to engage your attendees with a customizable web-based mobile app that provides them with a geo-located map, a schedule of events, links to sponsors and additional information, and social sharing. It's a mobile app without the headache and cost of custom designing one, or fussing with the App store of Google Play.

In minutes you could have your very own mobile app. It's that simple! Engage your audience and bring your event into the digital age, all with one beautiful, easy-to-use mobile application.

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