3 Ways To Get Design On A Budget

You’re just starting out. You spent all your money and lost your design budget. Your graphic designer took your creative and hopped on a flight to Belize. Whatever the reason, you need some creative and you need it done cheap. As we’ve mentioned before, the Creative is an essential part of the puzzle (link to 5 people you need on your team). Luckily, you have options.


Design Marketplace

We’re in the midst of a growing gig economy, guys. Fiverr allows professionals with different skills to complete projects for you. Whether  you need some design work, writing, audio/video, web - you name it, there’s somebody on fiverr who does it for you. Have a logo designed for as little as $5! Another option is DesignCrowd, a design-centric site that offers everything from logo to t-shirt design. Have creative sent to your inbox and enjoy a money-back guarantee (so no pressure).


The barter system has been around a long time. The “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” form of business is still an effective way to get things done, thousands of years later. Is there something you can offer in return for valuable creative services? Ask the designer what they need and come to a mutual agreement. When a trade is done well, both parties feel like they got something they really needed and all they had to do was something they already knew how to do- and that’s a win-win.


Big brands have done this in recent years. Holding a contest is a great way to not only promote your project but it also gets you some excellent creative. There are some websites that cater to the competitive spirit - such as LogoTournament, LogoContest and 99 Designs. While this may not be the absolutely cheapest option, it’s significantly cheaper than hiring and is good for people starting out that need the creative on a project-by-project basis.

Whether it’s a logo, brochure, or some other promotional need - creative matters. When something is well-designed, it shows that the group behind it is organized and professional, which can be just as (if not more) important than the message itself. So get your act together! Big budget or not, there’s no excuse for so-so creative anymore.

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Christine Adams is a copywriter, honorary Atlanta native, lover of ugly animals, introvert dynamo, and frito pie enthusiast. Her work can be found on the internets without much trouble.