Most Logical: Getting, Keeping, and Using Data

What do you mean, you're not using an event management system?

What do you mean, you're not using an event management system?

Data isn’t just a commander on the Starship Enterprise - it’s an integral part of making an event that works. When you’re looking to build a community, gain fans, get feedback, invite attendees, launch products - the devil’s in the data. But who wants to spend time doing manual entry in the 21st century? Hint - NOT you. There are a lot of options out there for gathering and managing data in the digital age that can help you put on a great event, grow a following, and get the word out!

Ticketing Apps

In recent years, the popularity of ticketing apps like Eventbrite and Freshtix have been a welcome addition to the event realm. And it makes sense! You not only want to know how many people are attending your event, but you want to know about them too! Are they inviting others? Are they sharing on social media? Ticketing and event apps give you the ability to see the reach of your event in a completely digital way that beats paper tickets any day. And once you have that data, you can use it to make bigger and better events.


It’s not enough just having a blog or website and hoping people find it. You need to encourage people to follow you. Having a way for people to sign up for updates via email is essential. Whether you’re doing email newsletters or regular blog posts, make sure you lean on your subscribers and learn about them. Pay attention to what links they open, which posts they comment on, and make sure you have a way to contact them for updates. Who’s viewing is just as important as the number of views.


The world of tablets has been a game changer for lead retrieval at events. Filling out paper forms requires manual data entry that is time consuming and costly. Using a tablet to get lead information is essential in getting the data you need quickly and easily so you can start using that data right away! There are several apps that can help compile the data at trade shows, festivals, and other events into any format you want such as iCapture and Bartizan. Also, offering a prize giveaway, membership, or other incentive will encourage people to sign up and give you the data you need.

Make a map

Not to humblebrag or anything, but a mobile app like Walkabout can be an excellent way to get real time data you need for your event. You can see how people navigate your event in a digital, easy to use, and data friendly interface. Paper maps just can’t do that (and a little self promotion never hurts).

Getting data at events can be tricky but, luckily, the digital age has brought newer, more effective options for events large and small. Using tablets, ticketing apps, lead capture, subscribers, and embracing the beauty of a digital map can give you the tools you need to utilize your information. And Commander Data would agree, that sounds most logical.

Christine Adams is a copywriter, honorary Atlanta native, lover of ugly animals, introvert dynamo, and frito pie enthusiast. Her work can be found on the internets without much trouble.