Maps for the Best Places on Earth


Every year hundreds of thousands of Event Organizers stage festivals and live events, converting public squares, city streets, downtown shopping districts, and convention centers into impromptu, temporary, and dynamic communities. There are vendors, musical performances, special guest appearances, a practically unlimited parade of off-the-cuff hilarity and spontaneous entertainment.

Festivals and Live Events are chaotic and dynamic, and that is one of the reasons why they’re so much fun…but it’s also why they can be such a headache for Event Organizers to plan and manage. Organizers go to great lengths to try to capture the excitement of their events, and they do their best with digital PDF maps, event listings, expensive Applications, and paper brochures.

But what if you could have a map of your event that not only showed your visitors where they could go, but was also as dynamic and changeable as the event itself? A map that showed all of the events and their times all in one elegant location?